Jeff Teague (Lousiana, U.S.A)

I really enjoyed the class… I appreciated that it was entirely in Spanish so it was total immersion. Also, I am now exposed to grammar in a much more thorough and comprehensive way.


FEBRUARY 16th 2024

David M. and Paola Nicolai (From Holland)

Hola Manuel, everything is going very good! We are enjoying the classes very much and our host family is very welcoming!

Whatsapp = +31 6 28423985

JANUARY 10TH, 2024

Kipper C. (Florida)

JANUARY 11TH, 2024

Everything is wonderful.. they are great… thank you so much for all you do Manuel!

James Craven (New York)


I would highly recommend Manuel as a teacher for online Spanish lessons. He has been teaching Spanish for many years, and that has given him an expert level knowledge of Spanish. He is very methodical, having structured lessons covering every level of Spanish learning. At the same time, he is laid back and quite easy to converse with on a personal level. I have enjoyed learning with him so much, that I have continued our weekly lessons for over a year and a half now; It has become a fixture of my week to study with Manuel.

Makenzie Norman (Oklahoma)


I love taking lessons with Manuel because he’s obviously an experienced teacher with a great care for his students.

Richard Chambers (Jamaica)

JANUARY 04th, 2024

Honestly. Best Spanish teach I’ve had. I normally refuse to learn online but with Manuel I can. He’s really attentive and explains everything clearly. Makes Spanish easy to learn.

Tracy Charles (England)

JANUARY 21st, 2023.

Yesterday was my last class with a brilliant teacher, Maria. It’s time to unleash my newly acquired language skills in the rest of central and south America. My Honduran family, Gloria, Hugo, Carlos and Ricardo have been wonderful allowing me into their home for the last 2 weeks! I will miss my new family, but it’s time to hit the road again 😎🏍🤗

o3 Enterprises, LLC recommends (U.S)

To Whom It May Concern:
The purpose of this letter is to acknowledge the professionalism and fine instructional skills of Manuel Enrique Mendizabal Cerrato. Manuel has been providing regular Spanish instruction to my students in Tegucigalpa, Honduras since March 2018. In that time,
Manuel has helped more than 20 American students learn or substantially improve their
Spanish proficiency and gain a deeper understanding of the Honduran people and their culture.
Any organization looking for a disciplined, motivated and talented Spanish instructor
would be well served to consider  Manuel.
Andrew Goldstein
O3 Enterprises, LLC.


Jake Schweikhard recommends Honduras Spanish School.

 Agosto, 2023

Highly recommended. I’m working with teacher Manuel and he is patient and well prepared. He comes with lots of teaching experience and our class time goes quickly. You will work hard but will learn a lot. When I return to Honduras, I will use this school again. I will be happy to give you some references.

Adrian Coyne recommends Honduras Spanish School. (U.S)

July 2023.

Highly recommended. Please, do not hesitate to contact me and I will be glad to answer your questions concerning this wonderful Spanish language program

Emily Fitzsimmons  recommends Honduras Spanish School. 

 Agosto 2023.

“Emily Fitzsimmons” <>

It’s legit, did my dental elective here, good to see how the other world works. They do fillings with composite, XLA and RCTs, you don’t need to bring any dental equipment other than scrubs and safety classes. Although I recommend bringing what you can, gloves/masks etc. Met amazing people, It was so difficult to leave as I felt like I had a new family. I want to go back and experience it again, I would highly recommend.

Tarina Jean – 5 stars

“Tarina” <>

 August 2023

Hice solo una semana de clase con HOSS y salí con mucho material para estudiar y para practicar mi español. Muchas gracias a Gabriela mi profesora  ! Además, conocí a una familia muy amable que me recibió durante la semana. ¡Fue muy agradable!

Larissa Miller recommends Honduras Spanish School


Thank you all for the opportunity!!!

Prawet Jantharat recommends Honduras Spanish School.  (India)

Septiembre de 2023

thank you very much for all 

Kevin Truong recommends Honduras Spanish School

 Mayo de 2023

The school is in a nice neighborhood. I have made my way around the immediate La Ceiba area without cabs to run errands, watch movies (in Spanish!), etc., sometimes during the evenings.

The host is fantastic! A variety of meals, very friendly and welcoming, and also practices your Spanish for daily household conversations.

Pedro Koscielny Recommend Honduras Spanish School

Febrero de 2023

� THE BEST SPANISH SCHOOL IN CENTRAL AMERICA� I came upon this school by chance and immediately fell in love with the teachers, the town and its people. If you’re looking to study Spanish this is the place to do it. I signed up for one week and 3 weeks later I was still there studying Spanish. Manuel the owner of the school is extremely kind and helpful. The lever of teaching here extremely high. They know how to teach, and they do an incredible job! The mornings were spent learning Spanish on the balcony overlooking the mountains while sipping on coffee. The afternoons were spent swinging on the hammock working on my homework while sipping a nice cold beer. If you like adventure, after class you can head into the mountains to hike incredible rocky rivers or search for waterfalls. Or if you just want to relax head to the beach and practice your Spanish while listening to the sound of waves. The food Manuel makes is to die for, 3 home-cooked meals per day! The atmosphere is homy, tranquil and peaceful. The location of the school is perfect. Everything is within reach.

 I’ve spent the majority of the past year& a half in Honduras and wish I would have found this school sooner. The 4 hours a day 5 days a week is exactly what I needed. I toyed around with 1 hr a day classes elsewhere with no noticeable improvement.

1 week into the class my friends are surprised at the conversations that I’m carrying on in Spanish. Living here being able to hear everyone speaking Spanish and taking the classes is the perfect way to go.
This is such an ideal location in one direction you have the ocean and the other Pico Bonito. The people are so friendly and inviting.
A typical day for me in La Ceiba currently is class in the morning, followed by a couple of hours at 1 of the many nice local gyms, then off for an excellent $10 an hour massage, dinner with friends, and finishing up the night with Spanish homework from my good friend Maria. The weekends if I’m not serving, I’m taking a trip, going scuba diving, hiking Pico Bonito, or one of the many other things to do here. If you want to go help people and serve it’s available if you want to meet new people it’s effortless if you want a tranquil place to hide out it’s here. Whatever your heart desire it’s only a step away.

~Big Bonus! The dollar goes a long way here! Rent a nice apt or house for next to nothing, a top-notch restaurant will only set you back a couple of dollars, haircut& shave $3 and a taxi across the city maybe $2.
I’m only writing all of this because a lot of people have a misconception of Honduras. Which is very sad. This is an amazing destination and the staff is wonderful.