Plase, note that all extracurricular activities are not included in our Spanish School program rates and they can vary between US$30 to US$50 per activity dealing directly with the tour operators.

White Water Rafting:

Some of the best white water rafting in Central America is to be found right here in La Ceiba. The Cangrejal River offers class I, II, III and IV rapids, all within a short 45 minutes drive from downtown La Ceiba. In addition to the exciting rapids, the Pico Bonito National Park, which features more than 7 different ecosystems because of its changing altitudes, has its eastern border with the river, offering you an insight into the ever so lush green forest of Honduras. After the adventure, swim at the lodge’s pool and have a cold beer.

Hiking Pico Bonito National Park:

Unquestionably one of the most diverse parks in Honduras, it covers an extension of land that goes from sea level to as high as 7,500 ft. Named after the mountain that lies just south of La Ceiba. Pico Bonito has become a landmark for La Ceiba and is why without a doubt plays an important role in making of La Ceiba an important eco-tourism destination in the years to come.

Cayos Cochinos Bay Islands:

 The Cayos Cochinos Natural Marine Monument is considered one of the places that you must visit before you die, being accorded the 17th position among the 35 best places in the world. Cayos Cochinos has also been selected as one of the top 10 destinations to be visited around the world, in the number 6 position´s of the most sensual places, according to the prestigious magazine. “Daily News Dig”.

The Cayos Cochinos belong to the world’s second-largest barrier reef, it is an archipelago of 13 coral cays of origin and 2 volcanic islands.

Activities that can be enjoyed in the Cayos Cochinos are as follows; swimming in turquoise waters, relaxing on white-sand beaches, hiking in search of the pink boa, snorkeling, and diving and if you cannot dive you can learn at our Diving School.

Canopy Zip Line/Hot Springs and Massage:

Without a doubt, en adventure experience that will allow you to feel the pure adrenalin flows into your whole body, Canopy tour will let you fly over the jungle sliding in a safe way from one platform to another on top of the trees and passing through caves, canyons, and the lush forest.

Hiking at Rio Maria:

For a refreshing trip, Rio Maria is a delight. This a “U” hike of 3 hours up into the lush vegetation of the foothills along the river. The reward for the hike up is a series of rock pools in the river with cool, clear mountain water. Wonderful view of the Bay Islands from top of the mountain. Bird Watching (All sorts of tropical birds).

Dancing and Cooking Latin American Food:

 Learn to cook tasty Honduran typical meals and Latin American cuisine!!

How to prepare Tortillas and corn meals like pastelitos, empanadas, baleadas with beans, etc..

Dancing lessons: Salsa, Punta (typical Garifuna dance), merengue, bachata, ballenato.