Tegucigalpa Spanish Language Full Immersion Program



Tegucigapa is the capital of Honduras.It is located in a valley surrounded by mountains. It is well known by its architectonic Spaniard colonial style well conserved. Morazán Plaza or Central Park is located right away on the center of the city and there is the San Miguel Arcangel baroque interior. There are several museums around the city, with a lot of history about Honduras and Central America, including all the indigenous races from Mexico to Panama and of course the Mayan History. There are lot of things to do around Tegucigalpa which you can see in our photo gallery.

Our Spanish Language program consists in 20 hours per week, 4 hours per day on a one on one basis (private teacher). Flexible schedules. Classe are delivery at your house, apartment, office, or any place of your preference and convenience. The cost for this program is US$195 per week. No Homestay available.

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