Special Spanish Language Programs


* Medical Spanish Program

Designed for medical students. Focusing in medical terms. How to deal with Spanish speaking patients. General medicine terminology. Visits to public hospitals and clinics in town to interact with local doctors and nurses. Volunteer at the public hospital or clinics. A certification letter from your medical school is required prior to arrival.

* Business Spanish course

Designed for business personnel. Administration and Commerce terminology. Customer service interaction vocabulary. Visits to different type of businesses, local market or depending of your own field of interest. Career development + employment. How to address to your clients and employees.

* Spanish Programs for families 

This program is design for entire families traveling together. Children under 6+ can attend school with their parents and having an experienced nursery or elementary school teacher. The whole family can stay in the same host family ( Parents in a one private room and children in another) All daily meals included. Nursery available for children under 6 while parents attend school.

* Spanish for For travelers

For those who wants to get Survival skills in order to travel in Lain America countries.

* Conversational Spanish

Designed for advanced students in the Spanish language focusing mainly in conversation practice, lectures, visit to local universities to interact in classes, advanced readings, current events & contemporary issues, etc…


Please Send Us an E-mail and we contact you with more details about these Spanish Programs!!!

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